Our Story


The Good Barber is a family-owned business established in 2012 after the owner struggled to find a decent place to get a haircut. The options at the time were a Salon for women that only took appointments and had that chemical smell or the chop shop that only charged $10 a haircut, but you never knew the quality of cut you would get. 

He remembered back in time when his father took him to a Barbershop, a place where men sat on barber chairs getting haircuts while those waiting sat in front of them chatting about life, sports, and the weather. It had a special atmosphere that can't be found in a Salon.

The owner spent several years planning and saving for the day he could open his own Barbershop and on August 20, 2012, The Good Barber was opened for business.

Today The Good Barber is Faith-based business focused on serving our community with quality service while providing our staff with a safe and enjoyable place to work. TGB is a shop where men and women can get a haircut (and more) in an atmosphere that is relaxing, family-oriented, and where people can talk about life, sports, and the weather.