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020.11.26-28 TGB will be taking an extended time off during thanksgiving in order to show our appreciation for our Barbers and all of their hard work during these trying times. We will be closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (26-28th). Please keep them in your prayers and let them know how much you appreciate them.

2020.09.11 TGB Remembers 9/11 and gives thanks to all Americans that stand together to fight for our freedom and right to pursue happiness. This includes all you do to help defeat Covid 19 and help protect each other through the use of Masks and other safety precautions. It's this unity and compassion for one another that makes us great!

Thank you!

2020.07.02 - We continue to stay on guard against COVID 19 in order to ensure your safety as well as our staff. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

2020.0610 - TGB is now providing full shave services again

2020.05.31 - TGB is now accepting walk-ins and will continue accepting appointments by phone only for now. We are wondering if we should keep accepting appointments beyond the covid 19 crisis, so let us know what you think. Also, we are now offering beard/stache trims only, no full shaves for now.

2020.05.12 - Re-opening on Monday, May 18th! We will be accepting appointments by phone only starting at 10 am on the 18th. Please see our rules for service and help us ensure the safety of our staff and the community by adhering to these rules. 

2020.05.10 - Unfortunately we are not able to open as planned on Monday 11th due to unforeseen issues. So we are postponing our re-opening until Monday 18, 2020. Appointments will be accepted at that time once the shop is open at 10 am. We appreciate your patience and will open sooner if possible. Please stay tuned to our website for the latest updates.

2020.05.09 - The Good Barber is re-opening Monday, May 11,  2020. In order to manage our services safely, we are only accepting appointments, no walk-ins. We will begin accepting appointments on Monday at 10:00 am when the shop opens.  Please be patient with us as we adjust to this new way of doing business. 

2020.05.08 - The Good Barber is making preparations to re-open! Now that the Governor has allowed Barber Shops to re-open, we are making plans to do so in a safe manner. Safety is our primary focus, we want to make sure our clients and our staff are safe and feel safe. Stay tuned for further updates as we prepare to open very soon.  

2020.04.30 - The Governor of Texas has issued a new declaration that allows retail businesses to re-open on May 1st. This new declaration does not include Barber Shops. However, It appears The Good Barber will be included in the next phase, which is scheduled for May 18th. We are evaluating how best to re-open our business and want to assure everyone that we will re-open in a thoughtful and responsible manner that ensures your safety as well as our staff.

Stay tuned to our web site, Facebook, and Instagram for more announcements coming soon.

2020.04.09 - Due to continuing efforts to contain the Covid-19 virus and per the State of Texas mandate, The Good Barber will remain closed until April 30th. We take this crisis seriously and will do our part to help our Community and Country overcome this hardship.

We pray that we all learn from this experience and apply what we learn to make our life and society better.

Stay strong, believe, and be kind to all!