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2021.07.03 - The Good Barber will be closed on Monday in order to celebrate the 4th of July Holiday. We appreciate your patronage and hope you have a great weekend!

2021.05.13 - Due to the pressures of the year-long battle with Covid, being short-staffed, and not being able to hire new staff our Barbers are tired and stressed. In order to help them, we may close earlier than normal and if we are extremely short-staffed we may decide to close for a day all together. Please call the shop to see if we are open and visit our web page for new announcements. This will help reduce a trip to the shop when we are closed. We appreciate you (our clients) and your patience. 

2021.05.07 - Sorry, but we had to close today because we are short-staffed. We will be open tomorrow

2021.02.19 - We tried to open today, but we have no water and concerned about staff safety. The shop will be open tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 am

2021.02.14 - TGB will be closed in the morning due to the inclement weather. Not sure if we will be closed all day, so stay tuned to this website and call the shop before visiting

2021.02.11 - TGB is currently closed for the day as the weather has disrupted our electrical service. We plan to be open tomorrow, but please check our website for fresh information

2020.12.21 TGB will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone!

2020.11.26-28 TGB will be taking an extended time off during thanksgiving in order to show our appreciation for our Barbers and all of their hard work during these trying times. We will be closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (26-28th). Please keep them in your prayers and let them know how much you appreciate them.

2020.09.11 TGB Remembers 9/11 and gives thanks to all Americans that stand together to fight for our freedom and right to pursue happiness. This includes all you do to help defeat Covid 19 and help protect each other through the use of Masks and other safety precautions. It's this unity and compassion for one another that makes us great!

Thank you!

2020.07.02 - We continue to stay on guard against COVID 19 in order to ensure your safety as well as our staff. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

2020.0610 - TGB is now providing full shave services again

2020.05.31 - TGB is now accepting walk-ins and will continue accepting appointments by phone only for now. We are wondering if we should keep accepting appointments beyond the covid 19 crisis, so let us know what you think. Also, we are now offering beard/stache trims only, no full shaves for now.